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Monday Money Saving: A Cheap Holiday Weekend

Tip #1 on enjoying a Cheap Holiday Weekend: Don’t get a speeding ticket on the way to your destination. Yes, this is even over forgoing Black Friday. Apparently no one told The Husband this little tid-bit of information. I am actively letting bygones be bygones. Actively.

Moving on… Behold the bounty of rural Oregon.

These are all things I came home with for FREE. Why? #1 Because visiting family is awesome, and #2 because I’m a saavy shopper. For a quick inventory, that’s homegrown pears and walnuts, homemade plum jam (red & golden), sweet pickles, elderberry syrup and jam, a jar of peach-apricot jam, tomatillo sauce, stroganoff sauce, a shiny new fiesta ware bowl, and a new pair of SmartWool socks. Whew!

On your holiday weekend, do shop small-business Saturday, if you can. In this half horse town, that was pretty difficult. Why? Because small businesses can’t afford Amex. I’d originally planned to score a new book with my $25 credit. Alas, neither the book nor a book store that was willing to pay 4% for the Amex transaction existed. I settled for a new fiesta serving bowl. I say settled, but our other one is long-since cracked and held together by superglue, limiting its holding capabilities.

After you get your $25 credit for the $25.99 fiesta bowl (score!), feel free to use a Discover gift card which mysteriously showed up from an employer you do not work for anymore. Discover is only slightly easier to use than Amex, so again with the limited options. Still, I managed to nab a pair of my favorite SmartWool socks, which I was so happy to discover are stylish, comfortable, and made in the U.S. of A. I was terrified to look, for fear I would have to give them up. Socks purchased from local boutique = free.

Other than shopping for free stuff, while on cheap holiday vacation, one should read, crochet, run, watch turkeys, walk, play dominoes, nap, eat sweet pickles and make plum jam with your Mother-in-Law.

All these activities, also free. Even better than free, since the additional jam will further your gift giving pursuits later in the month.¬†Avoid movies, and mass media, even $1 Red Box. It’s not needed. Avoid eating out. Be content with your free purchases that both stimulated a little local economy and cost you nothing.

Beyond all my free loot, being away for the weekend still (always) costs you. Especially when you have a pack of Mutts at home who need looking after. We pay $125 a night for a pet-sitter to stay in our house with the dogs. Believe me that’s a bargain. They don’t just stop by a few times a day, they house sit. So, $375 for a pet-sitter. I throw in $25 extra because its really difficult to find someone to do this, and I want all the goodwill I can muster. Up that to $400 to secure the homefront. $113 for a speeding ticket (Ahem, still letting bygones be).¬†$90 for gas. $600 and change for 4 days away.

It’s a good thing we focus on cheap entertainment, quality time with family, and come home with afore mentioned free loot.

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Still workin’ through the archives…. Is the blue dish the Fiesta dish you mention? It’s beautiful! Someday I will have a kitchen full of patiently, cheaply obtained blue and white dishes. :)

I would so house/petsit for you if I lived in your town! I used to do tons of live-in petsitting when I lived in rural Iowa, but here it hasn’t taken off. I think the word-of-mouth factor really worked in my favor when I was living in a tiny town where everyone (and their pets) knew each other. My favorite girls were a pair of Newfoundlands. I also once did 3 weeks with a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, and a hedgehog. Those were the days…

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