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Black Friday?

If you are surprised I won’t be participating in the Black Friday Mayhem, you haven’t been reading very long. Please take a moment to review the bidding on how much I hate the Retailer-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and how I haven’t shopped Big Box at all this year.

The very nature of the No Big Box Challenge excludes me from the bulk of Black Friday opportunities. Although, I could get myself down to Costco at the crack of dawn or stay up late tonight to check Amazon. But, I’m not gonna. I’m just not interested. After a marathon gym visit, I’m spending today enroute to my in-laws in rural Oregon. Right about now, I’m careening through a winter wonderland, crocheting or reading or chit chatting with The Husband, on my way to the lovely post-Thanksgiving meal waiting for me at the end of the line. Schucks. Poor me.

Oh, I’ve participated in the Black Friday melee before. Just last year, I was with the hoards at my local Target vying for a loss leader digital camera. A camera I missed out on by 1 measly person, and an incompetent, sleep deprived sales associate. In years prior, I got up early squirrely for the privilege of slapping down my credit card for digital photo frames and DVDs, SD cards and sets of sheets.

With the exception of the sheets, I don’t have any of that stuff now. The photo frames were pixellated pieces of crap. The DVDs were dirt cheap, but shows and movies I wasn’t really interested in watching on a regular basis for all eternity. SD cards are handy, not particularly durable. So, what was it all for? Some of it I gave as gifts to people who were mostly underwhelmed to receive them. Really, it was about the rush of running down there to be the first in line. To get THE THING, before someone else did.

This ‘rush’ is a result of the sense of false scarcity, manufactured by our Big Box Corporate Conglomerates. They want and need us to line up at 2am to be 1 of 15 that’s going to get some whoza-ma-whats-it of the moment. A whoza-ma-whats-it that they, much like me, are either not going to have, or are hardly going to remember this time next year.

I could go on (and on) about how Black Friday items are loss leaders for a reason. Laptops made with left over parts. Technology that is obsolete before you even buy it. I’m over it. Anyway you shake it, it’s not Conscientious Consumerism. It certainly won’t ‘save’ you money.

Take tomorrow to contemplate your purchases, or plan on how to avoid them. What can you make someone for Christmas? How can you focus on quality over quantity? Maybe even strategize your Small Business Saturday purchases, with or without the AmEx subsidy.

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Sarah (@MadeinUSABlog)

I love how much attention Small Business Saturday got! So many people are getting on board with the idea of “occupying the Holidays”. We are only hurting our economy even more when we shop big boxes in favor of small independent shops. Also so happy to hear you are buying American made!


I’d be happier about Small Business Saturday if we could extract it from AmEx, making it an independent entity. It irks me that they are capitalizing on it for some free marketing.

Amen on the Big Boxes hurting the economy! And buying American Made! You and I are occupying the same Holiday. 😉

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