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Weekly Goals: Gobble, Gobble.

If you are reading this, and are someone who usually receives Christmas gifts from me, avert your eyes.

Not perfect, but pretty cute, if I do say so myself. I succeeded in last week’s crocheting goal, producing 4 of my cute little dishrags. These sets, bound with some repurposed ribbon, and combined with homemade soap and/or canned goods, will represent the bulk of my gift giving this season. Clearly, I gotta kick it into over drive if I hope to make any sort of dent in my Christmas list. I might be getting a little faster. Maybe. It’s certainly a good TV watching, mind numbing, long cold winter night’s activity to engage in.

With the up-coming long weekend, I’m going to be a little more ambitious this week. I’m doubling my goal. Going for 8 cloths by this time next week. It’s a good thing I am shortening my list of gift giving recipients this year.

We will spend much of our Holiday weekend in rural Oregon visiting my in-laws, and (hopefully) enjoying a winter wonderland. This is going to cramp my productivity on the home-front, but the long drive will be a primo crocheting opportunity (hence the planned increase in production). The down time once we get there will also be conducive to getting some writing done.

Other goals for the week, in no particular order, include…

Garland, making and planning. Every year I do a little something different to hang on our fire place. Mostly grade school style crafts; paper chains, popcorn and cranberries, pipe cleaner snowflakes. Cheap. Cute. Disposable. This year I might class it up a little. Maybe even make or procure something to be used multiple years in a row.

Small Business Saturday. Very mixed emotions on this AmEx promotion. American Express charges their merchants exorbitant fees for the privilege of processing their transactions. Ironically, the smaller businesses pay more. Yet, $25 is $25, particularly when it aligns with my

. I’m taking a risk here, I know, but

is one of my favorite books of all time. This should scratch my travel/spending itch and be effectively free.

It’s hard to be ambitious with so much fat and tryptophan coursing through your veins.

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Miser Mom

These are beautiful. I understand fretting about not getting enough done, but there are people (me) looking at this and thinking, “Wow! I wish I could do that!”. I am in awe.

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