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Barter Results

The long and short of it is, bartering is awesome. As I mentioned, I love it when it casually happens in my day to day life. Its particularly awesome, however when a bunch of people get together with barter in mind.

I attended the very first shindig for Backyard Barter. Another shameless plug for my friend’s organization. Really, its wonderful folks. If you’re in the Seattle area, join! If you aren’t, start your own!

I had no idea what to expect. I went with 6 bars of homemade oatmeal-lavender soap. We’ve made a couple of batches of this, most recently last spring. It’s based on instructions from The Simple Dollar. We’ve used it extensively in our home, and also as gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, even baby shower favors. It gets good reviews.

Here’s what I took:

Here’s what I came back with:

That’s 2 Golden Raspberry starts, an awesome jar to use for fermenting, and 6 ducks eggs. Yes, duck eggs!

I am excited about all of these things. The Raspberries will go great with the run I’ve already started. I haven’t fermented anything yet, but I’d like to and that jar is a good size to start. Plus, duck eggs! Duck eggs! Duck eggs have a higher fat and protein content. They’re purportedly great for baking. I’ve always wanted to try it. They will got into our Friday Night dessert. I’m just not sure what that will be yet. I’m torn between a flourless chocolate cake or letting The Husband try to woo me with another batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’m not a fan, so he is on a never ending quest to win me over.

I clearly underestimated the value of my soap. Next time, I’ll bring more. I’ll be prepared to drive a hard bargain.

Anyhoo, good clean fun. Supplies for my continuing adventures, and no money changed hands!
Yes, bartering is awesome! Wait, I already said that.

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