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A Barter Economy

Recent profitable trades in our household have included…

  • 3lbs of smoked salmon for a bunch of unused totes sitting in The Husband’s garage.
  • 2 jars of pickles (1 quart, 1 pint) for 5lb pack of the good green chiles (actually from New Mexico)
  • a day of very enjoyable labor at The Pet Store in exchange for  Dog Food
  • Watering Chickens over a weekend and taking home the fruits of their labor (eggs)
  • Dinner for a evening spent with Zombies.
The last one is reaching a little. We brought a portion of the meal to a friends house, where we dined and then watched the Season Premiere of The Walking Dead. This was much anticipated, and since we are cable-less, I think they take pity on us.
But in all those other cases, there was a very real exchange of goods for goods, or goods for services rendered. No money changed hands. No taxes were paid. Everybody wins. I love this.
The eggs are long since eaten, but those chiles and the smoked salmon are tucked away in my fridge. Ok, we’ve eaten some of the smoked salmon and will be enjoying more this week with pasta (yumm). Luckily, we procured enough of a stash to last us a while. The salmon was wild caught on the river I grew up on. I can’t feel any better about fish than that.
I could sing the wonder of real chiles, high-quality dog food, and evenings spent with friends too. That’s not the point. The point is. It’s amazing whats out there, if you open yourself up to it. These things weren’t sought out. They happened over casual conversations with friends, co-workers, and sometimes friends of friends. If you expanded your circle just a  little think of the possibilities.
Enter Backyard Barter. Speaking of friends, this is one of mines latest project. I’m tickled about it. An online resource for people to connect and exchange what they’ve got, with what you may need. Food is only the beginning. Knowledge, services, what have you. This is the perfect accompaniment to the Urban Homestead Movement.
I’ll be at their first ever event this weekend. With bells on. Pot Luckin’. Helping out. Hopefully swapping my homemade soap for some sort of awesomeness.

I am oh-so excited to add Barter to my mad survival repertoire. (See previously: Hunter Gatherer)

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Miser Mom

I read this post and want to start humming along with Mr. Rogers: “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Really, your blog is becoming one of my favorite daily reads, so I’m glad we’re e-neighbors, at least.

I’m very curious to find out how your apple experiment works out. I’m dehydrating our apple cache. I haven’t tried other kinds of winter storage, aside from making/canning apple sauce. I hope you’ll provide updates!


Aww schucks. Thanks. I *love* the Mr. Rogers theme btw. So, I would totally be your neighbor.

I should probably be more scientific about my cold storage apples, but I’m trying not to over think it. I’m also trying to refrain from tapping into the cache until apples are officially out of season around here. Thats going to be the hard part. Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted.

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