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Am I.

Black Gold
The Indian Summer here has been gorgeous this week. I’ve spent my last 2 lunch hours on the trails adjacent to my office picking black gold. A little over 2lbs per day. 

As you can see my bounty runeth over. What will I do with them? Thoughts of jam or pie or both are swirling in my head.

My co-workers make cracks along the lines of ‘Congratulations! You just saved yourself a $1.50.’ Which is both false (It’s about $15 worth of berries per trip) and totally beside the point.

More importantly, I spend an hour in the sunshine, moving, stretching, sweating just a little, and letting my mind wander. It’s a much needed change of scenery from the grey cubicle monotony. Even if I end up with a couple scratches.

I highly recommend it.

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Hey, I’m reading through your archives!

Those berries sound awesome! Your coworkers are underestimating both the cost of store-bought berries and the satisfaction of picking your own for free. I hear there is a blackberry patch somewhere on the campus where I work… must investigate further.

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