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Grocery Check-in: Chocolate on Sale

I love good chocolate. It is one of my regular indulgences. We aren’t talking Hersheys, or Cadbury or even Lindt. Oh no.

Meet Theo. 

Locally produced. Organic. And, most importantly, lovely. I am a particular fan of their salted varieties. Sweet and Salty? Yes, please.

I’m sure you’ve guessed that its also not cheap. At all. The above pictured bar run $4 per at their factory store. Now, I’m not eating these everyday. That’s the beauty of the indulgence. I eat one bar a week  (The Husband gets one too), on Friday night. Accompanied by a glass of cheap red wine. After homemade pizza, and during my weekly Netflix Bonanza. Ahhh, bliss.

Makes for a pretty cheap, and gratifying start to the weekend. But, still, $4 a bar!?

I’ve searched high and low for better prices. But, this is a specialty item. They don’t really need to go on sale.

Then I found it. A local drugstore chain. Not only do they regularly price them $.80 cheaper than the factory store, they also put them on-sale every so often. And when they do, I. Stock. Up.

So, of course, this week, when I am struggling to remain with in the constraints of my already ridiculous grocery ‘budget’ they are on sale. Of stinking course. They haven’t been on-sale in months! $2.29 a bar. But, wait there’s more. I have a 20% off coupon for said drugstore. If I spend $25, it brings the price down to under $2 per bar. The coupons expires next month. I have more than 1.

Curses! How can I resist!? I can stock pile and freeze and eat the much more reasonably priced friday night chocolate for months to come.

When the grand total of my grocery spending must be published for all the world to see, I may be forever banned from the use of any sort of ‘frugal’ or ‘personal-finance’ label. This is what its all about though, right? Priorities. Conscientious spending, and being accountable for that spending.

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